Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Still Seven

A few days ago, I told you that we might have a seventh member of our gang. Well she’s still here and she’s still called ‘Seven’ because we haven’t thought of a better name yet. You have to get to know a dog first before you can come up with a moniker that really fits.

When we got up the morning after she arrived, Seven was inside the gate. We all rushed up and started barking questions at her as we’d done the day before. The humes tried to get us to stop, probably because they thought we were frightening her, but most of us just carried on.

Seven still didn’t have much to say for herself so we got bored after a while and wandered off to do our own things. Then it was breakfast and you wouldn’t believe how fast she could eat. I mean, the rest of us aren’t exactly slow when it comes to the old nosebag, but Seven looked like she was going for the world record. Still, as I said before, she’s incredibly thin - you can see every one of her ribs - so she needs all the grub she can get at the moment.

Even now, a few days later, she doesn’t seem to have filled out much but she does seem a lot happier. She’s got to know the rest of us a bit better and seems to realise that we’re actually very friendly. Some of us have taken longer to make friends with her than others. Poppy was about the last to accept her into the gang and even seemed quite frightened of her. Of course, she denied it when I asked her about it but why else did she keep barking at Seven and then running off?

The odd thing is, Poppy is now closer to Seven than any of us and they play together all the time. I even saw Poppy teaching Seven how to play ‘chase’. Seven didn’t seem to understand the game at all to start with but she’s got the hang of it now and can’t get enough of it. She’s fast too.

As she’s begun to settle in, she’s also been getting up to some bits of mischief - and that’s very important if you want to be a member of our gang. Yesterday, for instance, I saw her nick one of the female hume’s oldish jumpers and then make a sort of nest with it. Later on, Seven went off for a pee and Gelert was straight in there and grabbed the jumper.

Seven looked very unhappy when she came back and saw Gelert chewing away on it and had a tentative game of tug with him. She seemed very wary of the Big Guy though and she gave up after a few seconds. She kept her eyes on him and when we all trotted down the land after the humes, she seized her chance and got her jumper back again.

Here's a picture of Seven and Gelert later on when the jumper seemed to have just vanished.

SEVEN: Um, excuse me, Mr Gelert, but I was wondering if you'd seen my jumper.

GELERT: Well now, there's a thing. It was right here in front of me a minute ago.

Anyway, it’s almost food time so I’ll be off soon. Before I go though, I must just tell you about the fantastic time we had last night. It was so cold outside that the humes let us sleep in the house. They put down all kinds of blankets and things on the floor but most of us slept on settees or armchairs. There was even a fire going for most of the night. Brilliant or what!!!

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