Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My Name is Buster. Believe It!

See my picture at the top? That’s me. I’m Buster. You girl dogs out there are panting already. I can hear you.

I don’t like to use the B word for girl dogs ‘cos I don’t think it sounds nice. But don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean I‘m not hot stuff, because I am. Not that I’ve done that kind of thing yet as I’m far too young. I’m about five months old as it happens, which makes me about three years old in hume terms.

OK, so now we’ve got that over with I’m going to tell you my story. Not just my story but the story of all the other five dogs, two chasers [Ed: “Chasers’ is one of many terms used by dogs to describe cats.], and two humes [Ed: ‘Humes’ is the word that dogs often use to- ]

BUSTER: Are you going to keep interrupting like this or are you going to let me tell the story as it is?

ED: Sorry, Buster. I just thought that -

BUSTER: Well, you know what ‘thought’ did, don’t you.

ED: Sorry, Buster.

Jeez, these humes!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes….

You lot were wanting to know how I ended up here with five other dogs, two chasers, and a couple of humes. (And if you didn’t want to know, why did you click the thing on your computy?)

First off, I was born on some kind of farm in Greece. Not a real farm. Just some place they kept chickens up in the hills. Scrapland. Anyway, my mum was employed there as a chicken-guard. Jeez! You should see my mum. Soft or what? Don't get me wrong. I love her to bits. But if old Foxy comes looking for a chicken dinner late one night, she's so soft, she'd just say something like, “Oh hello, Mr (or Mrs or even Ms) Fox, if you've come looking for a late night chicken dinner, I have to point out that it's my job to prevent you from harming a single feather on their heads.”

The thing was, she was kept chained up all day, every day all year round with about a 5 yard radius. A lot of dogs in Greece spend their entire (and often short) lives like this and Mum was treated better than some of the others. At least she had water most of the time and bread and sometimes some meat bones. Some of the other poor suckers didn't even have that much. My mum told me horror stories about chicken-guards like her who had almost no food and hardly any water even when the temperatures went crazy in the summer.

More of that later but, in the meantime, I need to tell you how I got here to “Xerika” and how I ended up with two humes, my mum, my sister, three other dogs and two chasers.

Hang on a bit though. Food's on the way so I'll have to sign off now to fill myself. Talk to you more tomorrow if you're still around.

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Judy Lawing said...

Hey buster...what happened. It's 2017 and you haven't posted since are approaching senior age now. But I bet u had some awesome experiences u could still share.